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Joining Fee:

  • $449 for Students/Seniors (65+)/Low Income Individuals

  • $599 for General


5-6 AM

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Begin Your Journey to better Health

Yoga classes are designed to help with health issues including obesity, diabetes, hypertension, stress, depression, and insomnia.

Our Class is rated 5 Stars on Google. Check out what our students say
21 days weight loss programme by The yoga Journey was attended by me and it was great expirence. I gain flexibility in my body and lost 2-3 kg weight without any pain in just 21 days.All the mentors are very supportive and expirenced.Mam yogini Komal 's way of conducting class is amaizing.

Dhara Thakker

Yoga Pose

Limited Seats Offer

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Discover the Benefits of Yoga with Us


Daily 1-hour class with 5 days a week, ensuring consistency and steady progress.

Nutrition Plan

Receive a tailored nutrition plan to complement your yoga practice.


Earn a certificate after 3 months of successful classes with a 75% attendance record.


Get valuables for FREE including exclusive yoga 


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Yoga Class NOW

Our exclusive yoga classes are designed to help you embark on a transformative yoga journey. Our program is tailored to provide a holistic and enriching experience, combining theory and practice to enhance your physical and mental well-being. 


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